The Art of Adaptation

Tekio Jutsu is a martial arts system that has been developed to provide standardized curriculum and instructional guidelines to people with disabilities and to persons with physical or mental challenges due to injury or advanced age. The motivation for the development of this hybrid martial arts system can be credited to the instructional work with the martial arts students of the Blind Community Center (BCC) in San Diego and the challenges that came about while trying to fit into a predetermined karate system that was not applicable to the needs of this unique group of students.

While struggling to make the traditional techniques and methods work, the instructors came to realize how different each student comprehends and performs the lessons. Each individual has a very personal level of mobility, physical fitness, and ability to focus and learn. It was clear there had to be a better way to teach the students.

After a few years of teaching a Korean karate system to the students at the BCC, the chief instructor, Mario Schapp, committed to changing his program to explore a more efficacious way to teach students, while preserving the integrity and value of traditional martial arts. He started to develop a unique system of techniques, practice routines, fight drills, curriculum and testing requirements so that the students could experience the individual martial arts journey at their pace and with the results that are achievable given the nature of their personal challenges and/or disabilities.

Over a period of two years, Sensei Mario documented his findings and began categorizing each of the various methods and techniques. 

Tekio Jutsu is a Karate/ Jiu Jitsu hybrid system that utilizes traditional Kata(Forms),​Techniques(Kihon) and Applications(Bunkai) from Japanese Karate, however also embraces the ancient and modern Jiu Jitsu for all self defense components.

One of the unique aspects of this fighting system is that there is a modified sparring game between student and advanced practitioner or instructor where the student has the objective of managing the distance and transitioning into advantageous positions, while creating unique opportunities for counter attacks and submissions. In our martial arts system, Tekio Jutsu, we emphasize four major areas- balance, distance, technique and power.

Tekio Jutsu is a registered trademark.